Summer Bugs














Good afternoon everybody

Here we have some ‘Summer Bugs’ a very simple craft idea.

You need to make this project: Colored Wooden peg dolls, cupcake cases, glue, wiggle eyes, black paint, paint brush, pipe cleaners.

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Wooden Puppets

craft photos 287 wooden forks puppets 33

Hi everyone. I hope everybody is fine and having a good week !!

My daughter and I are thinking to start an adventure in working with fabrics. We just have a passion for crafts and a love for fabrics. I have a good amount of old clothes which we can recycle and some  fabrics scraps, and for sure we will not resist to buy a few new ones. We are planing to buy a sewing machine to start our adventure in the world of sewing !! It is a plan which I am anticipating for you. Lets see in a few months later for our first steps.

For today we have a project with biodegradable tableware (wooden forks), fabrics, yarn and ribbons. You just need to tie the colored yarn on the top of the wooden fork, making the hair of the puppet. Attach the wiggle eyes and make the mouth with red colored crayola pen.Then with the ribbon, tie the piece of clothes making the the dress of the puppet. And you have your wooden puppet.

craft photos 294 wood fork puppets

craft photos 286 wood puppets 22