Plastic Spoon Butterfly

Hi everybody. Today I have this little easy project for you it is so simple but very effective.

It is to make these little colored butterfly with plastic spoon and watercolor.

So you have to gather: watercolor paper, watercolor paint, paint brushes, scissors, double tape, chenille tinsel, plastic dessert spoons, sharpie, wiggle eyes, glue glitter.

plastic spoon butterfly 1

First  you have to wet your watercolor paper and then start to play with the watercolor paint, making a colorful paint.Let the watercolor paper dry.

When it is dry cut a shape of a butterfly as you can see in the pictures, very easy. At that point we put some glue glitter to add some shine.

With your plastic spoon draw a face of the butterfly attach the wiggle eyes and decorate your plastic spoon. Then attach the chenille tinsel making the antenna and attach the spoon on the middle of the body of the butterfly with you double sided tape.

plastic spoon butterfly 2

Watercolor Picture

craft photos 322 watercolor picture 1

Good Morning everybody. I hope everybody is having a good weekend !!

My daughter and I decided to make a watercolor picture as you know we are not an experts, but we always give a try just to play.

In this picture we use a popular technique today which is to use a glue like Hi-Tack glue to make a texture on the picture.

This is what you need to make this picture: Watercolor paper, watercolor paint, Hi-tack glue, a pencil, a  little sponge, water.

First you to draw the picture on your watercolor paper and then cover the lines of your drawing with a not too thick line of hi-tack glue, let it dry overnight.

When the glue is dry, you can start to paint with the watercolor paint.

We used a sponge to make some grass effect on the bottom of the picture.

craft photos 326 watercolor picture 2

Mosaic Cardboard Frame and Watercolor Picture

craft photos 277 mosaic frame 1

Mosaic Cardboard Frame and Watercolor Picture

Hi everyone, I  saw a very beautiful watercolor project in this blog How to impress with your watercolour skills, even if you have none… « Kate’s Creative Space. and we decided to give it a try because the result from my blogger friend Kate was stunning. She used a stencil bird to make her project and I advise everybody to go to her site and have look the amazing result that she achieved.

In my project I used resources which I already have at home so I used a flower cutter to make my watercolor project. I used a watercolor paper, and red and yellow watercolor paint. If you go to   How to impress with your watercolour skills, even if you have none… « Kate’s Creative Space., you will have all the instructions to this make amazing and very simple project with watercolor and stencils.

The second project was made with cardboard and pieces of colored paper. To make this simple frame, I painted the cardboard frame with the acrylic white paint and then attached the pieces of colored paper making a mosaic.