Tissue Paper Butterflies

Hello everybody !!

Tissue Paper Butterflies.




You need: colored tissue paper, colored ribbons, acrylic paint, wiggle eyes, Cereal box cardboard for the body of the butterfly.

Just cut some shapes of butterflies from your cardboard cereal box and paint it with your acrylic paint. Then attach the colored tissue paper with the ribbon in the middle as you can see on the picture above. Attach the wiggle eyes.


Have fun


Autumn Leaves Wax Crayon Rubbing

Hi everyone. I am hoping that everybody is having a good week !!

Today I have this very popular Autumn project. The project is to go outside collect some leaves, bring them home and do some leaf rubbing using crayons.
leaf rubbing 1

For this project you will need some leaves, crayons, scissors, white tissue paper and tape.

leaf rubbing 2

Put the white tissue paper on top of your leaf, for the tissue paper to not move put a piece of tape in both sides of the tissue paper. Now you can start to rub with your crayon.

leaf rubbing 3

Now you cut out the shape of the leaf out of the tissue paper .