Tissue Paper Flower


Tissue paper is one of my favorite craft material. It is unbelievable! How many things can we make with tissue paper? These little tissue paper flowers will keep the children busy or some time. With summer season we see many flowers in the parks and garden, so this is another good summer project. You can attach the tissue paper flower on a card, or on a canvas to hang on the wall.

You need for this project: Colored tissue paper, scissors, buttons, glue, canvas(optional).

Instructions for Tissue Paper Flowers

  1. cut some stripes of tissue paper 35cm long and 5cm wide for the center of the flower.
  2. cut some stripes of tissue paper 50cm long and 5cm wide for border of you flower.
  3. You have to smash the tissue paper all long the length and then make a spiral, as you can see in the picture below.
  4. Finally attach the button at the center of the flower.



Have Fun !!


Spring Flower Craft

Spring Flower Craft



Hi everybody,

I am back after a long time, I miss my Blog and you all.

And I miss most of all to share my crafts inspirations with my followers.

This is a very simple craft for the spring time.

You just need colored paper card, some colored felt pens, glue, some small dollies, some white cake cases. It is so easy to make.

spring crafts 001


Have a good week !!




Tissue Paper Flower Picture

craft photos 258 tissue paper flower picture 1

Tissue Paper Flower Picture

Hi everyone! I hope that you had a joyful and happy week and lets now prepare for the weekend, going out to enjoy the good weather and if you have time making crafts with the children and friends.

Here is another easy idea. We can make amazing things with tissue paper, here is my suggestion for today, make a flower picture.

What you need:

Colored tissues paper, glue, a card paper to attach the tissue paper, scissors.

How to do it:

Very easy just cut pieces of tissue paper as you can see on the picture above and attach on card paper making the flower that you want.