Christmas Cards

Good morning everybody, have a good weekend !!

We have this simple Christmas cards to make with some Christmas themed foam stamps ( We used the stamps from my last post Christmas Stamped Wrapping Paper Presents |    ).

Christmas card 2

Very simple and bright.

Christmas cards 1

Just print some stamps on your white card and let dry then cut the triangle shape and attach in your colored folded in half A4 card.

Christmas cards 3

Done !!

Paper Plate Christmas Angel Decoration

Good morning everybody, have a good Sunday !!

We found this lovely idea here Kids Angel Crafts to Make. It is a so easy to make and it gives the kids a lot of possibilities to decorate the angels.

Paper plate Angel 1

You just need  paper plates to make the angels and crafts materials to decorate them, like acrylic paint, glitter, wiggle eyes, felt pens.

Paper plate Angel 2

We think that it is a very simple activity even for the youngest ones and good idea to make during the Christmas holidays !!

Just let their imagination run free, they can substitute their own picture (photo) for the angel face, design or attach “buttons” down the centre, attach a string to hang it up etc.

Have fun making your Christmas Angel Paper Plate Decoration!!!!

Mini Terracotta Christmas Tree Decorations

Good morning everyone, I wish you all a very good Sunday. Christmas is coming along and it is time to make some very nice decorations for the house or to give away.

Today I have this very simple Christmas decoration. It is to make a mini terracotta Christmas tree decoration. If you have some pine cones around your house, this add so much fun to the project to go outside and collect them to make your project. The terracotta pots I bought on amazon there is a lot of choice in sizes mine are about 6cm in diameter.

mini terracota christmas decorations 4

For this project, you need acrylic paint, glitter, mini terracotta pots, pine cones, glue, paint brush.

Mini terracota christmas decorations 3

They are so simple and fun to make.

Mini terracota christmas decorations 2

Just paint the bottom of the the mini terracotta with acrylic paint and let dry. For the top you put some glue and sprinkle some dry glitter.

To decorate the pine cones just put some glue on the edges of the ‘leaves’ and sprinkle some glitter. Done – now you have some nice Christmas Trees to put on you desk or table or to use as a “I am thinking about you” gift.

Mini terracota Christmas decorations 1

Salt Dough Christmas Gift Decorations

Good Morning everybody, I hope that everyone is having a very good Sunday !! I have a very fun project to do during the Christmas holidays. It’s to make Christmas decorations to give to your family and friends. You will need the help of a grown up to make these Christmas decorations gifts.

Christmas decorations 1

To make the salt dough you need table salt, flour, and water. For the decorations: Christmas cutters, acrylic paint, paint pen, paint brush, thread, transparent bags, red ribbon, safe child scissors. It takes one day to prepare.

christmas decorations 2

First you have to make the dough: half cup of water, half cup of table salt, one cup of flour. Knead the dough until the dough becomes a smooth paste, using a rolling pin open the dough and make it flat, about 0.5cm thickness. The you can cut the shapes using your Christmas cookies cutters.

christmas decorations 3

Make a hole using a straw to put your thread for hanging your Christmas decorations.

christmas decorations 4

Now is time to bake your Christmas decorations. You can choose: you can put the decorations in the oven 100C it takes 2 hours for baking dry. Or you can leave them to dry in open air for 48 hours, two days to dry completely (the time it takes for the decorations to dry depends on the thickness of the dough).

christmas decorations 5

After they have dried completely you can paint them.

Christmas Decorations 77

After the paint has dried you can draw on it. Add hanging thread and package in a transparent bag, tied with a ribbon.

christmas decorations 6

You then have lovely decorations and gifts for Christmas !!