Mini Terracotta Christmas Tree Decorations

Good morning everyone, I wish you all a very good Sunday. Christmas is coming along and it is time to make some very nice decorations for the house or to give away.

Today I have this very simple Christmas decoration. It is to make a mini terracotta Christmas tree decoration. If you have some pine cones around your house, this add so much fun to the project to go outside and collect them to make your project. The terracotta pots I bought on amazon there is a lot of choice in sizes mine are about 6cm in diameter.

mini terracota christmas decorations 4

For this project, you need acrylic paint, glitter, mini terracotta pots, pine cones, glue, paint brush.

Mini terracota christmas decorations 3

They are so simple and fun to make.

Mini terracota christmas decorations 2

Just paint the bottom of the the mini terracotta with acrylic paint and let dry. For the top you put some glue and sprinkle some dry glitter.

To decorate the pine cones just put some glue on the edges of the ‘leaves’ and sprinkle some glitter. Done – now you have some nice Christmas Trees to put on you desk or table or to use as a “I am thinking about you” gift.

Mini terracota Christmas decorations 1