Spring Flower Craft

Spring Flower Craft



Hi everybody,

I am back after a long time, I miss my Blog and you all.

And I miss most of all to share my crafts inspirations with my followers.

This is a very simple craft for the spring time.

You just need colored paper card, some colored felt pens, glue, some small dollies, some white cake cases. It is so easy to make.

spring crafts 001


Have a good week !!




Flowerpot Cake Cases Garden

flowerpot cakes 1

I found this lovely and flowerpot cup cases and decided to make some cupcakes “muffins” with my children. I used the recipe from this post  Cupcake Baking Activity | . and I just added 45 g of chocolate powder to the recipe and we had a chocolate-look ground to decorate our garden. We used daisy plunger cutters to decorate the cakes and we bought ready made icing and added a food coloring to make our daisies.

flowerpot cake 2

This is what you need: Flowerpot muffin cases( I prefer these because I found the Cupcakes cases to small) daisy plunger cutters and ready made icing but you can make yours, I used ready made because I didn’t have much time.

flowerpot cake 3

Using this recipe   Cupcake Baking Activity | . and add just 45g of chocolate powder you have your mixture for your cakes. Preheated oven 180 C takes about 20 minutes to cook, but it is always good to check to see if it is perfectly cooked.

flowerpot cake 5


Father’s Day Table Flower Arrangement


craft photos 362 flower 1

Hi everybody. I hope you have had a very good Sunday with your family.

Yesterday I made a post about my little garden and inspired by that post I decided to make this little flower arrangement for my lunch table in the celebration of father’s day. I bought a bouquet of orange flowers in tone with the summer season, and I used this little bowl which means a lot to me and my husband because it was a wedding present.

To make this flower arrangement you just need a bouquet of the flower of your choice, water, transparent scotch tape and a bowl.

Fill the bowl half way with fresh water. Attach the scotch tape making a criss-cross in the way you can see in the picture bellow.

craft photos 366 flower2

Then you can start to put the flowers in.

craft photos 368 flower 3

Finally you have your flower table arrangement.

craft photos 383 flower 4

My Family Garden

craft photos 345 citrus 1

1- Citrus Calamondin – You can put this plant outside during summer, but you need to keep inside for winter, Autumn,and most of the spring, this plant likes sunny sheltered position.

We love plants here in my house and inspired by my friend blogger Ingrid  NowAtHomeMom. We decided  to show everybody some plants that my son and my daughter chose to decorate our patio.

Today has been very windy here in South England which you will notice in some of my pictures – the plants were always moving. I am giving the names of all plants that we have, so you can get inspired to make your own little garden .

I don’t know a child that doesn’t love plants, to play with or to look at. They become amazed of the miracle of a growing plant.

craft photos 348 plants 2

2-Regal Pelargoniums- Thrives in sunny position

craft photos 352 plants 3

3-Erica Arborea ‘Albert Gold’- Brigthen golden foliage all year, choose a open sunny situation.

craft photos 353 plants 4

4-Viola- Ideal for hanging baskets, thrives in sun or partial shade.

craft photos 356

5-Heather- Plant in sun or partial shade.

Autumn Leaves

Autumn Leaves

What you need:

Some big tree leaves, colored paper, scissors, a pencil,colored glitter, some colored metallic pens.

How to do it:

Go out and collect  some leaves in this case I used Maple Tree leaves.

Stencil the shape of the leaf on colored paper with your pencil.

When you have the shape of the leaf on paper you just need to decorate it. I used the glitter on the middle and a metallic pen on the edges.