Blog Anniversary and ‘Dragon’s Loyalty Award’

Hi everyone. I am hope that everybody is having a good week.

Today it is my blog’s first year anniversary and I ‘d like to say thank you to all my followers for all encouragement that I have received from all of you. Making this blog is very important to me, and has helped me grow up as person and as a mother. I really enjoy doing it. I’ d like to say thank you in particular to Katherine from PILLOWS A-LA-MODE. and to Kerri from sewville. who have been my first followers thank you very much.

  ‘Dragons Loyalty Award’

dragons-loyalty-awardI was honored to receive The Dragon’s Loyalty Award  from my blogger friend ‘Crafty Minx’ Misadventures in craft. it is a lovely blog full of great crafts inspirations crochet, kids crafts, cooking…

I think the award represents loyalty from your blogs friends and to your followers. It is a beautiful award and I am very happy to accept it.

In keeping with the tradition of this award, we have to:

• Display the award certificate in this post.

• Announce the win and link back to the person who nominated you.

• Present the award to another 15 nominees who will be notified in their main pages about their nominations.

• Post seven interesting things about your blog:

              So 7 interesting things about my blog:

1-Making this blog makes my family happier.

2-I discovered wonderful talents people doing this blog

3-When I started this blog I never thought that it would be such an enjoyable experience..

4-Making this blog makes me find more friends.

5-Making this blog makes my life more interesting.

6-Making this blog makes me a better person.

7-It is not easy to make this blog.

Now for my nominations in no particular order:

1-NowAtHomeMom – 

2-sewville | just beyond the rainbow.

3-gentlestitches | the future is in our hands.


5-Jewels For All


7-Alison Sye | Artist.

8-DaniellaJoe’s Blog.

9-HorseMark Cards Blog

10-Stacy Sews and Schools

11-Winter Owls 


13-Los Dos Aiko’s.

14-the hungry mum

15-Creative Pixie

Please go and have a look at some of these blogs, they all are full of wonderful inspiration!