Christmas Cards

Good morning everybody, have a good weekend !!

We have this simple Christmas cards to make with some Christmas themed foam stamps ( We used the stamps from my last post Christmas Stamped Wrapping Paper Presents |    ).

Christmas card 2

Very simple and bright.

Christmas cards 1

Just print some stamps on your white card and let dry then cut the triangle shape and attach in your colored folded in half A4 card.

Christmas cards 3

Done !!

The Three Kings – Three Magi – to put under your Christmas Tree

Hi everybody, I am hope that you all happy and preparing for Christmas celebrations !!

Today I have this simple and fun craft idea to make during the Christmas holidays with the kids.

Three Kings 1

You just need to recycle some cardboard tubes like paper towel tubes. Cut them in half so you can have two small tubes from each paper towel tube. You need some acrylic paint, old fabrics ( I used some felt fabric), safe scissors, glue, yarn, wiggly eyes, felt pens and some 50mm diameter polystyrene balls.

Three Kings 3

I used gold card paper to make the crown.

Three Kings 4

It is very simple to make. Have fun !!

Three Kings 2

When the Three Kings / Three Magi are finished you can put them under the Christmas Tree to guard the Christmas presents.