Christmas Cards

Good morning everybody, have a good weekend !!

We have this simple Christmas cards to make with some Christmas themed foam stamps ( We used the stamps from my last post Christmas Stamped Wrapping Paper Presents |    ).

Christmas card 2

Very simple and bright.

Christmas cards 1

Just print some stamps on your white card and let dry then cut the triangle shape and attach in your colored folded in half A4 card.

Christmas cards 3

Done !!

Recycled Christmas Card

Recycled Christmas Card 1

Hi everybody, I hope that everyone is fine enjoying the weekend !!

Here I have this recycled Christmas card. Gather some old Christmas card, a A4 card, a lollipop stick, glue and scissors.

Fold you paper card in half and attach the lollipop on your card using glue, then cut some strips from your old Christmas cards making the shape of a tree as you can see in the the picture below.

Recycled Christmas Card 3

Recycled Christmas Card 4

Then you have a recycled Christmas card !!

Recycled Christmas Card 5

Christmas Card

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Christmas Card

I had an early Christmas present this year., I bought for my crafts projects a hole punch tool and I hope to do many interesting crafts with it. My first project was this very simple Christmas card.Children love sewing crafts,  they can use  plastic needles to make some lovely projects with paper, fabrics, plastic etc..

What you need:

A hole puncher, colored yarn, card paper, a pencil.

How to it:

Just draw a Christmas tree shape on your card paper and then punch holes along the line which you have drawn. Finally sew following the holes you have made. So easy !!