Tissue Paper Flower


Tissue paper is one of my favorite craft material. It is unbelievable! How many things can we make with tissue paper? These little tissue paper flowers will keep the children busy or some time. With summer season we see many flowers in the parks and garden, so this is another good summer project. You can attach the tissue paper flower on a card, or on a canvas to hang on the wall.

You need for this project: Colored tissue paper, scissors, buttons, glue, canvas(optional).

Instructions for Tissue Paper Flowers

  1. cut some stripes of tissue paper 35cm long and 5cm wide for the center of the flower.
  2. cut some stripes of tissue paper 50cm long and 5cm wide for border of you flower.
  3. You have to smash the tissue paper all long the length and then make a spiral, as you can see in the picture below.
  4. Finally attach the button at the center of the flower.



Have Fun !!


Weaving Cards

Good Afternoon everybody !!

Here we have some weaving cards to make, these cards are   good for any occasion.

You need:  colored paper  —  A4 cards  —  scissors  —  double sided tape  —  pencil  —  ruler.



It is very simple to make these cards:

step one: cut some stripes of paper 1cm large and 13cm long.


step two: Attach the strips of paper on your card using double sided tape.


step Three: now you start weaving.


Here you have your cards !!



Glitter Little Creatures

Good Morning everybody !!

Glitter Little Creatures

Another easy idea for decorating your birthday parties. Let’s make some little creatures.

You will need: colored glitter, glue, felt black pen, small polystyrene balls, wiggle eyes ,bamboo skewers and chenille stems.



First you to draw the mouth of the creature then put some glue on the polystyrene balls and throw some colored glitter on it. Finally attach the chenille stems on the top.


Have Fun !!