Recycled Little Bugs





Good Morning Everybody

Can you imagine how many milk bottle lids we throw away each year? How about making some crafts with them?

Above you can see  these little bugs made with some milk bottle lids.

You’ll need: some milk bottle lids( this will be the head of the bug), glue( to attach the lid on the foam), colored foam sheets, wiggle eyes, paint( to make the dots on the bug) and some pipe cleaners.

Very easy !!

Have a good Sunday


Summer Bugs














Good afternoon everybody

Here we have some ‘Summer Bugs’ a very simple craft idea.

You need to make this project: Colored Wooden peg dolls, cupcake cases, glue, wiggle eyes, black paint, paint brush, pipe cleaners.

Have a Good Week !!


















Tissue Paper Butterflies

Hello everybody !!

Tissue Paper Butterflies.




You need: colored tissue paper, colored ribbons, acrylic paint, wiggle eyes, Cereal box cardboard for the body of the butterfly.

Just cut some shapes of butterflies from your cardboard cereal box and paint it with your acrylic paint. Then attach the colored tissue paper with the ribbon in the middle as you can see on the picture above. Attach the wiggle eyes.


Have fun


Plastic Spoon Butterfly

Hi everybody. Today I have this little easy project for you it is so simple but very effective.

It is to make these little colored butterfly with plastic spoon and watercolor.

So you have to gather: watercolor paper, watercolor paint, paint brushes, scissors, double tape, chenille tinsel, plastic dessert spoons, sharpie, wiggle eyes, glue glitter.

plastic spoon butterfly 1

First  you have to wet your watercolor paper and then start to play with the watercolor paint, making a colorful paint.Let the watercolor paper dry.

When it is dry cut a shape of a butterfly as you can see in the pictures, very easy. At that point we put some glue glitter to add some shine.

With your plastic spoon draw a face of the butterfly attach the wiggle eyes and decorate your plastic spoon. Then attach the chenille tinsel making the antenna and attach the spoon on the middle of the body of the butterfly with you double sided tape.

plastic spoon butterfly 2

Recycled CD – DVD Making A Glitter Fish

Hi everybody.I hope that everybody is having a good week. Today we are going to incorporate a recycled material in our craft – an old CD. They say the remain in a land-fill for a million years. We think that in very young age it is good to teach our children the importance  of taking care of the environment. Incorporating recycled material in our activities is a good way to encourage them to creatively find ways of re-utilising old objects around the house or in the environment.

I found this lovely idea here:  EcoSuperior Environmental Programs – Recycled cd fish craft. ,we all have old CD or DVD  at home and I think is a good idea to recycle them making crafts.

For this craft you will need: some old CD  or DVD, Mod podge, glitter ( you can use any sparkling material to decorate them or you can use sharpie to draw the scales, some colored paper to make the fins, mouth and tale, scissors,scotch tape and wiggle eyes.

Apply some mod podge glue all around in the back of the CD and sprinkle some glitter on the glue.Then cut the fins,mouth and tale from the colored paper and attach with scotch tape.Now you can attach the wiggle eyes with glue.

When they dry you can even use them to decorate the children’s bedroom wall.

Cds recycled fish 2