Salt Dough Christmas Gift Decorations

Good Morning everybody, I hope that everyone is having a very good Sunday !! I have a very fun project to do during the Christmas holidays. It’s to make Christmas decorations to give to your family and friends. You will need the help of a grown up to make these Christmas decorations gifts.

Christmas decorations 1

To make the salt dough you need table salt, flour, and water. For the decorations: Christmas cutters, acrylic paint, paint pen, paint brush, thread, transparent bags, red ribbon, safe child scissors. It takes one day to prepare.

christmas decorations 2

First you have to make the dough: half cup of water, half cup of table salt, one cup of flour. Knead the dough until the dough becomes a smooth paste, using a rolling pin open the dough and make it flat, about 0.5cm thickness. The you can cut the shapes using your Christmas cookies cutters.

christmas decorations 3

Make a hole using a straw to put your thread for hanging your Christmas decorations.

christmas decorations 4

Now is time to bake your Christmas decorations. You can choose: you can put the decorations in the oven 100C it takes 2 hours for baking dry. Or you can leave them to dry in open air for 48 hours, two days to dry completely (the time it takes for the decorations to dry depends on the thickness of the dough).

christmas decorations 5

After they have dried completely you can paint them.

Christmas Decorations 77

After the paint has dried you can draw on it. Add hanging thread and package in a transparent bag, tied with a ribbon.

christmas decorations 6

You then have lovely decorations and gifts for Christmas !!

26 thoughts on “Salt Dough Christmas Gift Decorations

  1. gentlestitches says:

    Yet another fabulous idea for the Christmas hols when we are at the beach! The best part was the pre thought out hole with straw for hanging!! The littlies in our group are old enough to start painting “for real” this year.

  2. Sallie Deitz says:

    Thank you, I will use this for my daughters birthday party just before Christmas. Each child will be decorating an edible gingerbread man/lady so I think I’ll make salt dough gingerbread people as well so they can each make an ornament. I’m thinking I’ll put cinnamon & glitter in the dough =)

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