Autumn Leaves Wax Crayon Rubbing

Hi everyone. I am hoping that everybody is having a good week !!

Today I have this very popular Autumn project. The project is to go outside collect some leaves, bring them home and do some leaf rubbing using crayons.
leaf rubbing 1

For this project you will need some leaves, crayons, scissors, white tissue paper and tape.

leaf rubbing 2

Put the white tissue paper on top of your leaf, for the tissue paper to not move put a piece of tape in both sides of the tissue paper. Now you can start to rub with your crayon.

leaf rubbing 3

Now you cut out the shape of the leaf out of the tissue paper .


12 thoughts on “Autumn Leaves Wax Crayon Rubbing

  1. now at home mom says:

    I love this easy and fun project! I loved when it was time to do similar projects such as this one back in school 🙂 Love Fall!
    & hope you are having a great week too Izabel! 🙂

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