Fall / Autumn Tissue Paper Window Display Mosaic

Hi everybody. How has your weekend been ? Mine has been OK, relaxing with my family.

Today we have this simple craft idea. It is to make a window display using the season theme for fall.

We have seen lots of these window display crafts on others sites, so we decided to make our own. You need to use safe scissors,  because there is a lot of paper cutting. I think the best thing to do is to have an adult make the display and then let the children decorate it with the tissue paper cuttings. This depends on the age of the children that are doing this window display craft.

You have to gather some black construction paper, scissors, tissue paper, and clear contact film / paper.

We used lettering templates for this fall / autumn display craft but you can use any another shape like leaves shapes, autumn fruit shapes (pumpkins) or any other shape that you like.

You have to cut the outline shape out from your black construction paper. Attach the black paper you just cut out onto a sheet of the clear contact film. Now you can cut out the excess of the contact film / paper leaving the part in the middle of your template. Finally attach the tissue paper as if they were pieces of a mosaic choosing colors of your choice.

Happy Autumn !!

window tissue paper 2 window tissue paper 1

window tissue paper 3

31 thoughts on “Fall / Autumn Tissue Paper Window Display Mosaic

  1. gentlestitches says:

    Great idea and I particularly like the “boo” one for a window display for Halloween. Contact has been around since I was a girl but I didn’t know you could use it this way until i read this. We just had 4 new kids under 10 move in 2 doors down so combined with the rest of the tribe, i can squeeze some more kid crafty times out. 🙂

    • easycraftsforchildren says:

      Wow, Big Tribe. How many are they now? I am happy that I can help Big Indian Chief and yes the contact can be used for generic window mosaic design … spooky Halloween characters … or Nativity Landscapes on Christmas … all without buying season decorations. Glad to be an external member of your tribe. 🙂

  2. gentlestitches says:

    We are making the window dec this week. One question. What is the best way to attach to the window? I was thinking just slap the whole thing on the window from inside? Thanks. 🙂

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