Cardboard Tea Party Cups

Hi everybody. I hope that everybody are having a good weekend.

We found this very cute idea here Сутрешното кафе на КРОКОТАК – с чашки от празни ролки | крокотак,   and we fell love with it. It is to make a cup with cardboard tubes, it is so cute. So instead of buying plastics tea cup for playing tea party with our dolls, we can make our own tea party set. And when we don’t need them we can throw them away. And when we need them again, wow let’s make some more! You double the fun in having a tea party with your dolls.


cardboard tea cup 44 a

To make these tea cups you need some cylindrical card boards tubes, double sided tape, a piece of cardboard for making the saucer , paint brush for decorating, scissors and acrylic paint. For very good instructions just visit the site, Сутрешното кафе на КРОКОТАК – с чашки от празни ролки | крокотак.

cardboard tea cup 2

First cut off a length from your cylindrical tube such that it is as long as the height of the cup you need to make plus the length of the diameter of the tube. For example my cup was 5cm high + 3.5cm the diameter of the tube for a total of 8.5cm. Now make 4 cuts (in my example 3.5cm) equal to the diameter length so you can fold the flaps to make the base of the cup. The four flaps will overlap each other. These you can fix with the double sided tape. Cut off any excess trimmings.

cardboard tea cup 3 a

For the handle cut about 1,5 cm of the cylindrical tube. And for the saucer just cut a circular piece from your cardboard

Now you can decorate your tea cup and saucer with acrylic paint.

cardboard tea cup 1

For very good instructions just visit the site, Сутрешното кафе на КРОКОТАК – с чашки от празни ролки | крокотак.

20 thoughts on “Cardboard Tea Party Cups

  1. gentlestitches says:

    You have outdone yourself this time! What a great idea. The link is adorable too! There is a bit of a cupcake craze over here and also cupcake holders which are miniature tea cups. Kids love and it is almost school holidays. My tribe is a tea drinking one and I can see these being a school holiday project, modified as teacups and used as holders. Little kids will love having a cup or mug like the their Mum or Dad to feed to teddy or doll!

    • easycraftsforchildren says:

      Yes, it is a good project for the school holiday and when the tea party is finished, the guests can bring their “own” cups back home to play with. I also like your idea of “mod”ing the cup into a cupcake holder. I am glad my post will be useful for you. Good luck with your “tribe” during the holidays. 🙂

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