Party Bags

Hi everybody. I hope that everybody is having a good week. Here in South England the weather has been warm and sunny. Very good for outside activities with the children.

If you are planning a party we have these little party bags to give you some inspiration.

party bags 44

We used plain white paper bags and decorated them with sharpie, colored tape ,some foam shapes stickers and for closing them we used smallΒ  wooden pegs.

party bags 3

We know that in some countries the school already has started here in England we still have two more weeks of holiday.This is just an idea for birthday parties or any celebration with friends and family.

10 thoughts on “Party Bags

  1. gentlestitches says:

    I love lolly bags (as we call them) coincidentally I was told yesterday by a little friend she had put one aside for me and will be giving it to me in 2 days time. How sweet. Home made party bags are the very best!

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