Glittered Recycled Tin Can Pen Holder

Glitter Tin Can 11

Hi everybody. I hope that everybody is having a good week and preparing for the weekend ahead.

We love play with glitter here in my house and we should not reserve it only for one season in the year … so we decided to use some today.

This is very simple craft to make. Recycling some tin cans and using them as pen and paint brush holders. You have to gather: Glitter, white acrylic paint,paint brush, some tin cans and water.

Glitter Tin Can 5

Mix acrylic white paint with little bit of water and paint your tin can. Don’t let the paint dry.

Put some glitter on a piece of paper and roll the painted tin can on it. Let it dry.

glitter tin can 6

Glitter Tin Can 22

Glitter Tin Can 33

10 thoughts on “Glittered Recycled Tin Can Pen Holder

  1. gentlestitches says:

    I like the way you roll on the glitter. God knows why I never thought of it my self. It is like fairy bread. I just learnt this tip too. A bowl of hundreds and thousands and a buttered piece of bread. Gently roll the bread in the bowl. Shake excess. Brilliant!

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