Cork Rafts Sail Boat


raft 2

I found this idea here:  A Little Learning For Two: Cork and Popstick Rafts. and we decided to have a go !!

You can play with these little rafts even in the water, so it is a great fun.

These are the materials that you will need: Some corks (three for each raft), craft wood glue, I used bamboo skewers for the mast, two lollipop sticks for base of each raft ( I used colored ones) and a colored piece of paper for the sail.

raft 11

Put the wood craft glue on the edges of the corks.

raft 3

Then put the lollipop sticks so as to hold the corks together. Let it dry overnight. Now you attach the mast with the sail. I used bamboo skewers. Be careful because they have one very pointed side, but this makes it easy to pierce the cork and so hold up the mast.

raft 4

raft 66

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