Painted Cork Coasters

painted coasters

Hi everyone. Hope everybody is enjoying the summer, here in South England it is very sunny and hot this weekend. Lets Enjoy it !!

I have this simple project to offer, my inspiration came from this site:   Sarah Hearts – DIY Painted Cork Coasters.

I simplified the project, using just acrylic paint to paint the cork coasters.

For this project you will need flower, heart and star cookies cutters, acrylic paint, paint brush, a pencil and some cork coasters.

painted coasters 2

Using your cookies as a template to draw on your cork coasters the shape that you choose.

painted coasters 3

After you draw the shape you can now paint around the shape.

And you have your cork coaster painted as you can see on the first picture above.

painted coasters 4

10 thoughts on “Painted Cork Coasters

  1. gentlestitches says:

    I am bookmarking these for a Christmas gift/activity. I have some lovely wombat and koala cutters with flowers around them. With the acrylic paint does that set and then you can wipe it safely?

    • easycraftsforchildren says:

      Thank you for your comment 🙂 Evidently I didn’t explain myself quite clearly enough. I used the cutters only for tracing the design so no paint comes into contact with them. The cutters are just a way to make it simple for little children to make a “clean” design on the cutter. But any way of tracing a drawing (even freehand) is OK. So yes, use your lovely cutters there is no problem.
      But then, maybe you are talking of the paint being “use resistant”. Acrylic paint does come out when you rub it with water. Use the acrylic paint if you want a child friendly paint but then the coaster will have little practical use. If instead you want to make a gift, it will be necessary to use a more “use resistant” paint which may not be as adequate for child use. Ceramic paint is the strongest paint that comes to my mind. but any other water-resistant paint is OK.

      Thanks for bringing this to my attention, I will amend my explanations 🙂

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