My Family Garden

craft photos 345 citrus 1

1- Citrus Calamondin – You can put this plant outside during summer, but you need to keep inside for winter, Autumn,and most of the spring, this plant likes sunny sheltered position.

We love plants here in my house and inspired by my friend blogger Ingrid  NowAtHomeMom. We decided  to show everybody some plants that my son and my daughter chose to decorate our patio.

Today has been very windy here in South England which you will notice in some of my pictures – the plants were always moving. I am giving the names of all plants that we have, so you can get inspired to make your own little garden .

I don’t know a child that doesn’t love plants, to play with or to look at. They become amazed of the miracle of a growing plant.

craft photos 348 plants 2

2-Regal Pelargoniums- Thrives in sunny position

craft photos 352 plants 3

3-Erica Arborea ‘Albert Gold’- Brigthen golden foliage all year, choose a open sunny situation.

craft photos 353 plants 4

4-Viola- Ideal for hanging baskets, thrives in sun or partial shade.

craft photos 356

5-Heather- Plant in sun or partial shade.

9 thoughts on “My Family Garden

  1. Kerri says:

    We share a love of gardening. Your citrus tree is very nice; my grandma used to have baby orange trees growing in here breezeway… orange trees and a canary and persian cats. 🙂 I remember being intrigued by them. I think they may have been mandarin, but whatever they were they were very exotic and mostly unheard of in that day and time. My grandma was an interesting person with sophisticated tastes ( at least compared to anything I knew) and I think she influenced me in many little ways. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your plants. 🙂

    • easycraftsforchildren says:

      Thank for your lovely thoughts 🙂 I was so happy when my daughter chose a citrus plant because that kind of plant means a lot for me. It brought me back to my childhood in South America where this kind of plant is very common. I am lucky that all my family nurtures a love for plants and here in England we share this passion with many friends.
      It is so nice to know that we share a love for gardening 🙂 Thanks again for your kindness and encouragement. Izabel

  2. now at home mom says:

    beautiful, all your plants are beautiful Izabel! I am in love with your Citrus Calamondin; Gorgeous! I would love to have one over here but don’t know if it would look as gorgeous as yours! 🙂 the Violas are beautiful too; yellow; such a happy color! The weather we’ve been having here is not great either, yesterday it was beautiful and hot outside and today it’s rainy and cold! ah!
    btw, thank you so much Izabel for the mention! 🙂 happy you thought of me! 🙂 & it’s true that kids love plants, my son wants to touch them all the time!
    wish you a great week!

    • easycraftsforchildren says:

      You are welcome Ingrid 🙂 The Citrus Calamondin is one of my favorite too, I just love the orange colors. The weather has been very good here in South England, and we are expecting a tropical weather in the next few days !! I think you be fun 🙂

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