Watercolor Picture

craft photos 322 watercolor picture 1

Good Morning everybody. I hope everybody is having a good weekend !!

My daughter and I decided to make a watercolor picture as you know we are not an experts, but we always give a try just to play.

In this picture we use a popular technique today which is to use a glue like Hi-Tack glue to make a texture on the picture.

This is what you need to make this picture: Watercolor paper, watercolor paint, Hi-tack glue, a pencil, a  little sponge, water.

First you to draw the picture on your watercolor paper and then cover the lines of your drawing with a not too thick line of hi-tack glue, let it dry overnight.

When the glue is dry, you can start to paint with the watercolor paint.

We used a sponge to make some grass effect on the bottom of the picture.

craft photos 326 watercolor picture 2

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