Cardboard Made Owl

Hi everyone are you enjoying the sunshine ? We are !

Here in South England, we are having a stunning weekend with a lot of sunshine so we spending our weekend  outside in the parks.

Today I have this little and simple project to make a owl from cardboard tube, it is fun and easy to make.

Cardboard Made Owl

craft photos 203 owl 1

What you need:

Paper towel cardboard tube, acrylic paint, paint brushes, wiggle eyes, patterned paper, scissors, glue.

How to make it:

Cut in half your  paper towel  cardboard tube.

Using your acrylic paint, paint your half tube with the color of your choice and let dry.

craft photos 198 owl 2

Cut a shape of a big leaf from your patterned paper and attach to the sides of your paper tube.

Make the nose and attach the wiggle eyes.

craft photos 199 owl 3

33 thoughts on “Cardboard Made Owl

  1. now at home mom says:

    these owls are too cute! 🙂 Glad you are enjoying the beautiful, we are too! finally we are finally having sunshine here too! took Nate and dogs for a walk today; it was warm and gorgeous outside! 🙂 (more time outside = less time blogging= YAY summer is almost here) 😉

  2. silmarillion57 says:

    These are sooooo adorable! I just made these today with my kids, and they loved them. I am posting my kids’ owls on my blog and giving you credit and some blog love. Thanks so much for the awesome idea! You have a wonderful website!

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