Cute Card Paper Corner Bookmarker – Tutorial

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Cute Card Paper Corner Bookmarker – Tutorial

We are at the end of Easter holidays  so, everybody is preparing to go back to school next week. The weather has been a little bit ‘funny’ during the holidays, but now it is looking better.

I found this beautiful corner bookmarker inspiration in this website  page corner bookmarks – StumbleUpon. and I think it is a very cute and different idea for making bookmarkers. I made mine with decorated paper card and my daughter added some funny faces on it.

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What you need:

Card paper of your choice, scissors, double sided tape, felt pens to decorate. In the images I am using normal paper so you can see the folds easier.

craft photos 159 tutorial bookmark 1

Cut out a square from your paper card. I made mine 12cm wide, the final result will have a dimension of 6cm. I like to fold down the diagonal to be sure that the shape is a perfect square.

craft photos 160 tutorial bookmark 2

Then fold the square shape in half.

craft photos 161 tutorial bookmark 4

Then fold in half again so that the result is a square (with four layers of paper) that is half as wide as the original cut out square. Then open up the paper so that you can now see the folds and the four small tiled squares.

craft photos 162 tutorial bookmark 5

Now take two opposite corners and fold them to the center of the big square as can be seen in the picture above.

craft photos 163 tutorial bookmark 6

All this has generated the lines that we need to make our final bookmarker template.

craft photos 164 tutorial bookmark 8

Cut out the pieces (one small square and two small opposite corner triangles) as seen in the picture. What is left is a shape that seems a “cat face”.

craft photos 166 tutorial bookmark 9

Now fold the “ears of the cat face” as seen in the picture above. This will create a square of 6cm with a “pocket”. The two ears will be glued or double-sided taped together.

craft photos 165 tutorial bookmark 10

This is the final non-decorated result.

Working with somewhat heavy card paper may give problems in producing clean precise fold lines. So one way is to produce the final cut out “template” with simple paper and then transfer the outline to the card paper.

14 thoughts on “Cute Card Paper Corner Bookmarker – Tutorial

  1. aniloap says:

    I will definitely try this with my daughter. She’s always looking for cards or photos to use as bookmarks…but this is much better! And super easy!

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