Spring Cardboard Tulip Flower

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Spring Cardboard Tulip Flower

I found this lovely idea in this website A Glimpse Inside: 3D Tulip Art Tutorial. I really liked it because it is made form cardboard which we can recycle to make something beautiful with the children.

In the original idea theyย  used cardboard to make the flowers and felt for the grass and stem.

I decided to make mine all from cardboard, and I like the results.

What you need:

Paper towel cardboard tube, acrylic paint, paint brush, double sided tape or glue, scissors.

How to do it:

Cut six pieces of 1cm from your cardboard tube this will be the petals of the flowers.

Cut two pieces of 0,5cm from your cardboard tube this will be the leaves.

Finally cut two stripes from your cardboard this will be the stem.

Now you have to paint all the pieces with the color of your choice and let dry.

Attach the petals together using your double sided tape as you can see in the picture above. Attach all the pieces to your background.

An then you have your cardboard tulip picture.

11 thoughts on “Spring Cardboard Tulip Flower

  1. Christine Connor says:

    Excellent post & great job! Looks amazing.

    You could also use a good quality paper glue instead of double sided tape to attach the pieces together. When I do quilling cards, i use something called Elmerโ€™s Glue-All which is perfect for paper crafts!


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