Dyed Colored Doilies Wrap Paper

craft photos 100 dye dollies 1

Dyed Colored Doilies Wrap Paper

I have some paper doilies and I decided to make something interesting with them. Before I have seen some dyed doilies and I really liked the result of this process.

What you need:

Some paper doilies (but not plasticised paper), food coloring pink, blue, yellow, green, a sheet of paper of your choice to wrap up the presents ( I used a very plain one because the doilies are very pretty by themselves), some colored ribbons, scotch tape.

How to do it:

Fill a plastic cup about half-way with water, then add some food coloring of your choice. You have to add quite a lot of food coloring if you want to have the intensive of color that you can see in my pictures.

To dye the paper doilies I used a paint brush and painted the doilies. Use plastic gloves as the food coloring will stain your hands.

Put the wet doilies on one or two pieces of paper towel, and let them dry.

Sometimes people submerge the doilies in the water with the food coloring, but in my experience this doesn’t work. The doilies got soggy and fell apart, so I decided to use the paint brush which works perfectly.

craft photos 109 dye dollies 2

craft photos 105 dye dollies 5                   craft photos 108 dye dollies 3

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