Recycled Cardboard Bag

Hi everyone, I hope that you all had a peaceful and enjoyable Easter day with your family and friends. Mine was very good with my family and meeting friends.

I found this wonderful crafty idea and I fell in love with it. It is pretty. I used recycled resources which  you may already have at home from other crafts projects that you did in the past. So I didn’t need to buy  anything to make this lovely cardboard bag, you can adapt with the resources that you have at home.

I found the craft idea at this website  ikat bag: Tea Party Behind The Scenes – Cardboard.

I decided to make one with my daughter and she loved it.

Recycled Cardboard Bag

craft photos 096 recycled bag 2

What you need:

Cardboard boxes ( For the back and front of the bag I used a rather thick cardboard box. For the side I used a cereal box which is long enough to cover the side of the bag with one piece of cardboard), sellotape tape, washi  tape(optional), chenille tinsel, colored beads, colored foam shapes (optional), glue.

How to do it:

If you find difficulty  drawing the shape of the bag just go to the site where this idea came from. They offer a template for you  ikat bag:  – Cardboard.

Draw the shape of the bag and cut out from your cardboard box.

craft photos 087 recycled bag 4

Cut a strip of about 8cm from your cereal box and this will be the side of the bag, ( in the original idea they used krafty paper but I decided to use a cereal box that worked perfectly for me. I covered the top of the cereal box with brown sellotape and then put some paper tape for a good finish.

craft photos 089 recycled bag 3

Finally you need to make the handle, using  chenille tinsel and some beads. To attach the handle to the bag just make a hole on both sides of the bag and make a little loop.

Now you can decorate it with gift wrap paper, crayons, stickers, washi tape using resources that you have on hand.

craft photos 092 recycled bag 1

18 thoughts on “Recycled Cardboard Bag

  1. mtetar says:

    I would not have thought of this very nice craft. Thanks for sharing, and including the link. Glad you had a Blessed Easter, and so was mine. Be Blessed, Izabel! Mtetar

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