Cupcakes Baking Activity

My daughter and I started to think about making cupcakes with an Easter theme decoration but we changed idea and made this very simple but colorful decoration.

I found this recipe at the following site BBC – Food – Recipes : Vanilla cupcakes. We are happy with the results, it was a good recipe.

For my daughter the most fun part was the decoration. She had fun working with the piping bags and the colored icing  that  we made.

I will not write the recipe  because you can just go to site   BBC – Food – Recipes : Vanilla cupcakes. and you will find all the instructions and ingredients that you need.

craft photos 064 cap cakes 7

We made the mixture and put it in the cupcake cases

craft photos 044 cap cakes 1

We put them in the oven for about 15 minutes to bake, oven temperature 180 C.

craft photos 046 cap cakes 2

When they were cold we decorated them with home made icing using the recipe which you can find in the site above.

craft photos 057 cap cakes 5

craft photos 052 cap cakes 4

craft photos 050 cap cakes 3

craft photos 060 cap cakes 6

24 thoughts on “Cupcakes Baking Activity

  1. Kerri says:

    What tantalizing photos… especially your opening shot. I haven’t made frosting in a long time and it appears they have expanded the colors to include some very luscious shades.

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