Easter Egg Craft

craft photos 014 egg craft 2

I know it is still very early for Easter Celebrations, but my daughter made this little  Easter egg that I want to share. Very simple so the children can decorate and sew it. This is the first of my projects for Easter Celebrations.

What you need:

White A4 for paper card, a pencil, colored felt pens, hole punch, a piece of yarn, scissors.

How to do it:

Draw the shape of the egg and cut out form your paper card.

Make the holes for the sewing and let the children sew and decorate.

5 thoughts on “Easter Egg Craft

  1. mtetar says:

    Very nice, Izabel! It’s not too early depending on how many children you’re working with, and decorations you are planning on making. My granddaughter just received her first Easter Book which shows eggs, baskets, and Springtime things. It’s Dr Seuss Birthday and she added that book with a Dr Seuss Puzzle. Thanks for sharing, Mtetar

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