Inspiring Blogger Award


By way of thanking  Kerri. of sewville | just beyond the rainbow for honoring me with my very first Inspiring Blog award,

The rules for accepting a blog award are as follows:
1.  Display award image on your blog page.
2.  Link back to the person who nominated you.
3.  State 7 facts about yourself.
4.  Nominate 15 other bloggers for the award.
5.  Notify the bloggers that they have been nominated and link to their posts.

And now, for 7 Facts that you probably don’t know about me.

  • Family is very important for me.
  • I have great faith in God.
  • I am mother of two children.
  • I can communicate in three languages(Portuguese, Italian and English).
  • I am a photographer.
  • I love good music.
  • My favorite season is summer.

Here is my list of Fantastic bloggers who also provide wonderful inspiration through their beautiful and very creative blogs.

If you have recently been nominated for the Inspiring Blogger Award OR if you’re not keen on participating in the process, please feel free to accept my appreciation of your talent and desire to point others in your direction. There are no strings attached to my appreciation of your wonderful work.


2-Thefrugalcrafter’s Weblog | Groovy craft projects, crafty recipes and other artsy stuff..

3-Winter Owls | Owls, art and life.

4-theoriginalthread | Discovering arts, crafts and everything in between!.

5-Kate’s Creative Space.

6-The Green Dragonfly | A site about creativity, crochet and fun crafts with children.

7- | ArtClubBlog

8-Big A, Little A | what are you making today?.

9-Lili’s Tidbit #3 and a Note about Service |.

10-Drama Queen Seams | Where handmade is back in style….

11-gonerustic | by rita summers.

12-Susie D Designs’ Blog | Sewing, crafting, inspiration…

13-Profiteroles & Ponytails

14-North Story

15-petit4chocolatier | food, writing, life, and other things in-between.

34 thoughts on “Inspiring Blogger Award

  1. Kerri says:

    Izabel, I am so happy to get to know you a little better by reading your 7 facts. I admire your multi-lingual-ness (I’m quite sure that’s not a real word)… that’s pretty amazing. And now I’m off to check out your blog recommendations. (my “like” button still is on the fritz… )

  2. Winter Owls says:

    Izabel I loved learning more about you and congratulations on receiving this award! I’m very touched that you included my blog and will enjoy visiting the other blogs you nominated. 🙂

  3. susieddesigns says:

    Hi, congrats to you on your award and thank you so much for nominating my blog, so kind of you. I will be checking out your other nominees too. Well done and lovely of you to share and pass forward the kindness.
    Susie D

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