Sunshine Necklace

In these past three days we are having a taste of Spring here in England. The sun is shining and the children are on holidays for a week, so the best thing to do is to go outside and play. They will back in school next week. So enjoy the sun while it is here.

As you can see I changed the theme for my blog. I liked the one I used to have, but I think this a change with Springtime is good. I hope you like my new look.

And now the Sunshine Necklace …

crafts ideias blog 477 neclace 3

What you need:

Macaroni pasta, acrylic paint ( I use titanium white, cadmium yellow, monestial green, crimson, ultramarine colors), paint brush, a piece of thread.

crafts ideias blog 474 neclace 1

How to do it:

Using your acrylic paint (I used the brand Rowney) paint the macaroni. The paint dries very quickly specially on a sunshine day like today. I put mine to dry in the sun.

crafts ideias blog 475 neclace 2

After the first coat of paint dried, I painted some dots with the white paint, as you can in the picture below.

crafts ideias blog 478 neclace 4

Then you “string” them together to get a necklace!-


20 thoughts on “Sunshine Necklace

  1. jewelsforall says:

    This is such a great idea, I especially like how simple it is. My daughter would love to do this! She actually got excited when she saw the pictures. 🙂

  2. now at home mom says:

    I really like this necklace, such a great project to do, I want to start making different projects with my son, he loves painting and touching paint, so this is good, he is too small to understand everything but I will give it a try! 🙂 I love the new look of your blog, it’s fun changing themes; it’s like starting something new! 🙂 Have a great week!

    • easycraftsforchildren says:

      Yes this necklace is so easy I think your son will enjoy it.
      I hope the pictures make it easier for your son.
      It is really fun to change theme, I really like this one.
      Thank you for your lovely comment, have a great week you too !

  3. livingsimplyfree says:

    I like your theme, and noticed it right away. My children brought many pasta necklaces home over the years, but none as creative as yours. Today I had my grand daughter and remembered the flower project you showed (with yarn and hole punch for sewing), I dragged out a piece of saved cardboard cut a flower shape for her to color then punched holes and let her free with the yarn and needle. She was so proud of herself when mom came to pick her up and she had a present to give. That was a great idea, thank you.

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