Pop up Card “House Party”


Pop up card “House Party”

My daughter made this pop up card, and thought was a good idea so, I want to share it.

What you need:

A4 paper card, scissors,  colored felt pen.

crafts ideias blog 464.pop up card2

How to do it:

First you have to fold a card paper into two. Then we need to make two cuts and one further fold to get to the situation in the above picture. The first cut is

perpendicular to the fold (from top to bottom on the left of the cut out in the image), the second cut is oblique (obliquely from top right to bottom left of the

cut out in the image). Then push the “cut out section” in, to create a horizontal fold on the bottom part of the cut out in the image.

The final result of the cut out can then be appreciated by opening the folded card paper to reveal a “house” as in the picture below. Below the house has

also been decorated with colored pen markers.

crafts ideias blog 470

15 thoughts on “Pop up Card “House Party”

  1. petit4chocolatier says:

    She is very creative! This is a great idea! So much better than regular cards that you send out that all look the same. I love it!

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