Flower Project


You cannot imagine how children like sewing. From my experience of working with children, sewing is one of their favorite activities. Every week when we ask the children what they would like to do during After School Club, they choose from baking, making(people) puppets with paper rolls tubes , colouring, playing on computers, playing games outside, and sewing. Because I work with children from age 4 to 11 years old I try to making sewing so everybody can enjoy it.

I decided to make this flower because it is very simple and they can sew and decorate it too. They really liked it.

What you need:

A white card paper, scissors, hole puncher,color felt pens, colored yarn, a pencil, plastic needle.

How to do it:

Draw a shape of big flower on your white card paper ( you can some find big flower shapes on Google images)

Cut out the flower shape and make the holes all around the edge of your flower. Let the children do the sewing. When they finish just let them have fun decorating it.

9 thoughts on “Flower Project

  1. livingsimplyfree says:

    That is adorable! You are so right. I do a lot of things with my grand children, right now they enjoy almost equally using scissors and sewing. For Christmas the 4 year old grand daughter received lacing cards from me, and even her 21 month old cousin spotted the cards and climbed up on my lap content with the experience of sewing. I have been collecting all kinds of cardboard from friends and family (rather than it ending up in the recycling bin) much is thin like from snack items and would be perfect for this. Thanks for the idea.

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