Three Kings Crown

As we going to celebrate Epiphany in the next few days , how about to making a  Three Kings crown.

You can use some Christmas decorations to make the crown.

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What you need:

Some ribbons ( I used the remains of crafts from Christmas),small colored pom pom, colored felt pen, scissors,

double sided tape, A3 heavy white paper.

How to do it:

Cut the shape of the crown from your A3 paper as you can see in the picture above.

And just have fun decorating your crown.

I used double sided tape instead of glue for attaching  the ribbons and the pom pom.


7 thoughts on “Three Kings Crown

  1. Lili & Mum's says:

    Even though we don’t celebrate Epiphany, I think this crown is really cute. You could easily adapt it to other royal projects. I love the pom-poms!

  2. petit4chocolatier says:

    This is so cute too for a children’s party and they could design their own crown 🙂
    It would be fun for a grown up party too!!

  3. Kerri says:

    What a great tradition to celebrate the twelvth and final day of Christmastide. Happy Epiphany!

    By the way, I follow your blog, but don’t seem to be getting your updates. I’m having problems with my wordpress reader and don’t know if not getting you updates is a problem on my end or yours. I noticed, because I visited you blog and saw all these new entries that I am not getting. 😦 Not sure what to do about it.

    • easycraftsforchildren says:

      In Italy where I lived once, Epiphany is more important than Christmas for the children. Regarding your ‘technical’ issues, I have the same problem with my reader under Firefox, but under Explorer they seem to be mostly resolved, so I am always switching between the two browsers … I wonder how Google Chrome behaves?

  4. traditionis says:

    I liked the crown! In my country(portugal) also celebrate the day of the kings. Celebrated like christmas. Joined the “king cake” (only eat on this day and has a small gift) and pomegranate for each guest. Even now living in London I celebratedwith all hahahaha.

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