Winter Mitten – Thank you Card

I made this card taking inspiration from Painted Leaves, an activity I did with the children this Autumn when we made some lovely autumn leaves. I also think it is a good idea to say thank you for all the presents, food, health that we have in life, and  try to work to make it possible that everybody may have the same as we have.

crafts ideias blog 332

What you need:

some color paint, a paint brush, some card paper, scissors, glue, felt pen, a pencil.

How to do it:

crafts ideias blog 327

You will need to draw and cut a shape of a mitten you can find on Google images.

crafts ideias blog 328

Then you just splash some paint on your mitten shape with your paint brush, let it dry.

Attach the mitten on your card and on the top write THANK YOU.

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