Cardboard Cereal Box Summer Flip-Flop



Good Morning everybody !!

I hope that you all had a good week !!

Lets make some flip-flop using cereal cardborad boxes.

You need: cereal cardboard boxes, colored felt pens, glue stick,  colored beads, sellotape, chenille stems and a puncher.


Trace a pair of flip-flops onto your cardboard box and cut out.

Attach a piece of white paper on top of your carboard, so you can have a white surface to draw.

Now it’s time to decorate your flip-flops with your felt pens.

Use the hole puncher to make the three straps holes.

Now is time to add the straps with the beads.

Seal the back with sellotape.


Have a good weekend !!



Painted Ice Lolly



Good Morning everybody !!


Lets make some ice lollies.

You need: lollypop sticks, acrylic   paint, tape, glitter, cereal box cardboard.

You cut a shape on ice lollypop from your cardboard cereal box. Then start to paint an put some glitter over the wet paint. Finally attach the lollipop stick.





Have a good week





Tissue Paper Butterflies

Hello everybody !!

Tissue Paper Butterflies.




You need: colored tissue paper, colored ribbons, acrylic paint, wiggle eyes, Cereal box cardboard for the body of the butterfly.

Just cut some shapes of butterflies from your cardboard cereal box and paint it with your acrylic paint. Then attach the colored tissue paper with the ribbon in the middle as you can see on the picture above. Attach the wiggle eyes.


Have fun