Wooden Peg ‘Disco Dude’


















Good afternoon everybody

Here we have these little ‘Disco Dude’ to make, I think the children will like them.

You need: pipe cleaners, wooden peg dolls, glue and some colored pom poms.

You can see how it is easy  to make them.

















Have a good week


Felt Fabric Egg Carton Summer Garden Flower


Felt fabric, egg carton r flower 009


Felt fabric, egg carton r flower 015

Good Afternoon everybody

I hope that you all are enjoying the summer !!

As you can see below, this very simple project, to make with the children, and bring the little flowers outside to the garden or parks.

You need to make these flowers: Felt fabric, pipe cleaners, paint, paint brush, egg cartoon,scissors.

Have a lovely day


Tissue Paper Flower


Tissue paper is one of my favorite craft material. It is unbelievable! How many things can we make with tissue paper? These little tissue paper flowers will keep the children busy or some time. With summer season we see many flowers in the parks and garden, so this is another good summer project. You can attach the tissue paper flower on a card, or on a canvas to hang on the wall.

You need for this project: Colored tissue paper, scissors, buttons, glue, canvas(optional).

Instructions for Tissue Paper Flowers

  1. cut some stripes of tissue paper 35cm long and 5cm wide for the center of the flower.
  2. cut some stripes of tissue paper 50cm long and 5cm wide for border of you flower.
  3. You have to smash the tissue paper all long the length and then make a spiral, as you can see in the picture below.
  4. Finally attach the button at the center of the flower.



Have Fun !!


Egg Carton Flower


I have made a egg cartoon flower before in my blog, but I decided to make another one because it is so fun. I have a lot of left over felt fabric and some pipe cleaners, so lets make some egg carton flowers.

I am constantly looking for a simple craft idea that you can make with your children without spending a lot of money in craft materials. I love crafts but I always look for a good budget. Easy and fun come first when you make crafts with children.

You can go in the garden, to the florist or in the parks with your children to get some inspiration with the colors to use in painting the egg carton. It is good excuse to get out of the house, so the kids don’t get bored.

Instructions for Egg Carton Flower

You need for this project: pipe cleaners, egg carton, scissors, paint, paint brush and felt fabric.

As you can see in the picture above it is so simple to make:

  • You need to cut the egg carton leaving four parts together — this will be your flower.
  • You paint it and then let it dry.
  • Now cut a piece of yellow felt fabric and roll it  – this will be the middle of the flower.
  • Finally, attach the pipe cleaner and it’s done.

Have a good week




Painted Twig And Felt Fabric Butterflies Decoration


Good Afternoon everybody

 found this twig around my house and I decided to paint it to make a little branch for my felt fabric butterflies. I used  acrylic paint to paint the twig.

After my twig branch dried I attach the  felt fabric butterflies on it.

You can put in a small vase to decorate your house.



Have a good day