Cupcake Case Cards


Here you have a fun project to make, with the holiday season around the corner. Lets make some crafts.

These cupcake case cards are simple and it’s perfect for the upcoming  holidays, paper crafts are the best ones cheap and easy.

To make this project, you will need:  colored cupcake cases,  glitter,  glue,  small pom poms, colored cards.

Have fun !!


Recycled Little Bugs





Good Morning Everybody

Can you imagine how many milk bottle lids we throw away each year? How about making some crafts with them?

Above you can see  these little bugs made with some milk bottle lids.

You’ll need: some milk bottle lids( this will be the head of the bug), glue( to attach the lid on the foam), colored foam sheets, wiggle eyes, paint( to make the dots on the bug) and some pipe cleaners.

Very easy !!

Have a good Sunday